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Karandikar, Gorakh Prasad, R. Vaidya and N. It was Sahas effort, which led to the formation of the Committee. The task before the Committee was to prepare an accurate calendar based on scientific study, which could be adopted uniformly throughout India. It was a mammoth task. The Committee had to undertake a detailed study of different calendars prevalent in different parts of the country. There were thirty different calendars.

The task was further complicated by the fact that with calendar religion and local sentiments were involved. Nehru, in his preface to the Report of the Committee, which was published in , wrote: They different calendars represent past political divisions in the countrynow that we have attained Independence, it is obviously desirable that there should be a certain uniformity in the calendar for our civic, social and other purposes and this should be done on a scientific approach to this problem.

Some of the important recommendations of the Committee were: 1. The Saka era should be used in the unified national calendar. The year corresponds to the Saka era of A normal year would consist of days while a leap year would have days. After adding seventy-eight to the Saka era, if the sum is divisible by four, then it is a leap year. But when the same becomes a multiple of it would be a leap year when it is divisible by , otherwise it would be a common year.

Chaitra should be the first month of the year. From Chaitra to Bhadra each month would have thirty-one days and the rest to have thirty days. This has resulted in lot of confusion as the nakshatras, thithis etc differ on any particular day. The horoscopes cast by different followers are different, for one and the same person. Satyanarayana Rao, which can be found at page 76 in his "Scientific Astrology" from and at page 60 in his book "The Nadi Rectification" from Please see the following quotation from one of dr.

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Accordingly, the year AD happens to be the one approximately for the coincidence of the two zodiacs; according to the Nadi it was AD if the motion of Sept 14, New combs Ayanamsa that is calculated linearly at the rate of I have found better results with this. The reader may use New Combs Ayanamsa that is calculated taking into consideration the Luni-solor precession minus the planetary precession in longitude. This value will be very close to the value of K.

P Old Ayanamsa. The first sentence indicates the Ayanamsa I use. The second sentence indicates the philosophy used to calculate K. P New Ayanamsa after However, I agree that the first sentence is not correctly constructed. It should have been Ayanamsa calculated linearly at the average rate of Newcombs general precession that is Ayanamsa plays role: i in fixing the position of ascendant and thus other cuspal positions.

Especially the role of Ayanamsa takes very significant position because of its effect on Moons longitude and thus Dasa periods. We may even try to use Mr. D year is Then go on adding 50 secs every year and you will get the Ayanamsa for any required year. In the book of Mr. Old Ayanamsa. Simon Newcomb is mentioned by New Comb New Comb.

P New or Refined Ayanamsa. The value of this Ayanamsa is generally calculated by the following formula: 7. In , some Astrology softwares has provided the option K. P New Ayanamsa where the value of Ayanamsa is calculated by some other formula. This value of Ayanamsa differs from the value of Ayanamsa as calculated above. These software developers should have taken note of the fact that the term K. P New Ayanamsa was in existence. It is said, "Ignorance of Law is no excuse" 1. Khullar, myself and Dr.

It is the choice of Mr. Khullar to use average rate of precession linearly based on his research on the charts for his theory of Cuspal Interlinks as calculated by I may like to point out that Ayanamsa values given in the Table of Houses are very close to this formula. In the Rajneeshs chart posted in the Mr. Khullars website as well as file section of the KP Group and 51 example charts in the book of Mr.

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New Ayanamsa. Khullar is using. Post a Comment. Since we will be concentrating more on the basic and advanced aspects under KB method, the fundamentals of KP will be covered in summary. The sub lord plays a major role in delineating KP charts, hence you need to familiarize yourself with the KP method of sub division of star. Fate of the individual can be assessed in this way.

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Vimshottari Dasa system has to be used for timing events and is based on the constellations and the sub-divisions of the constellations. A neighboring lady wanted me to make a natal chart for her daughter, since the original Palm Leave Horoscope has been misplaced.

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She is, however, not sure of the exact birth time and she could only remember that the Lagna was Leo Simha. Further, she told me that the birth occured about When the chart for the given time is erected, the Lagna falls in Virgo Kanya. Due to her unwavering insistence that Leo was the Lagna, she sought the assistance of the record room of the hospital, where all the births and deaths are recorded, and according to the record room the birth occured at She is not willing to accept this as the correct time of birth. As per my observation, the Lagna appeared as Leo for Also if the time is correct, it should disclose any life event of the daughter using Leo Lagna that appears at The most recent life event affecting her was the death of her father by heart failure.

This happened on the 14th of April The chart erected for the time given by the hospital has reflected the said sorrowful event faced by the daughter. I further fine-tuned the time to Below are the birth details. If separation from father is indicated from the natal chart of the daughter, in accordance with KP rules, the birth time could be considered as correct.

Why 9th Bhava? In ancient times, the father was invariably the spiritual preceptor or "Guru" of the children to whom he did initiate Brahma Upadesam and transmit his siddhis or physic powers. Counting the 9th house as the 1st, we find that the fifth therefrom indicate the native. Some persons advocate the 4th house and the 10th house for father.

It is incorrect. Always take the 9th house for father. Rahu is in Sagittarius sign representing Jupiter the lord of 5,8. Rahu is in the star of Venus and in the KP Ezine. Dasa: Venus 3 Y, 3 M, 1 D. Ashada 4 Ke Punarvasu 2. Phalguni 1 2 Chitra 2 3 Visakha 3 4 Jyeshta 4 5 U. Ashada 1 6 Dhanishta 2 7 P. Venus being the lord of 10 and 3 is in Since both the above KP rules are satisfied, the birth time is considered as correct.

Now we can go further to see whether the cause of the death of father is also indicated in the daughter's chart Rotated. Cause of the death of the father is insufficient blood pumping due to heart enlargement as per the post mortem verdict.

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Commonly, it is known as heart disease. There is no doubt about this marvelous KP system to guide us to see the cause of death even in the daughter's chart. General Rules for Health a. If the Sub Lord of the Lagna be the significator of 1 or 11 health is normal; b. If the Sub Lord of the Ascendant be the significator of 6, 8, 12, it is ill-health; c.


If the Sub Lord of the 6th, be the significator of 6, 8, 12 and connected with 1, native may suffer from disease; d. If the sub lord of the 8th or 12th cusp be the significator of 6, 8, 12 and connected with 1, the native suffers from serious illness or chronic disease. Horoscope and diseases, by Sri C. Bhatt, page 82 Heart Disease a. In Medical Astrology, the 4th house rules over the heart and breasts. The 5th sign of the natural zodiac, Leo, governs heart in general.