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Dhairya Lakshmi: This form of mother Lakshmi grants the boon of infinite courage and strength. Those, who are in tune with infinite inner power, are always bound to have victory. Those who worship mother Dhairya Lakshmi they live and lead a life with tremendous patience and inner stability. Gaja Lakshmi: In Srimad Bhagavata the story of the churning of the ocean by Gods and demons is explained in detail.

Sage Vyasa writes that Lakshmi came out of the ocean during the churning of the ocean Samudra Manthan.

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So she is known as a daughter of the ocean. She came out of the ocean sitting on a full-bloomed lotus and also having lotus flowers in both hands with two elephants by her sides, holding a beautiful vessels filled with milk and pouring it over Sri Lakshmi.

Santana Lakshmi: In the family life, the children are the greatest treasure.

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Those who worship this particular form of Sri Lakshmi, known as Santana Lakshmi, are bestowed with the grace of mother Lakshmi and have wealth in the form of desirable children with good health and long life. Vijay Lakshmi: Vijay is victory. Vijay is to get success in all undertakings and all different facets of life.

Some are strong physically but weak mentally while others are economically rich but poor in their attitude and cannot exert any influence. Vijay is to have all encompassing victory. Vijay is to rejoice glory of our real nature — Vijay is to conquer the lower nature. Vijay is the victory in external and internal wars and of course eternal wars! Hence those, with the grace of Vijay Lakshmi, have victory everywhere, at all times, in all conditions.

Assessment of Yogas

Victory to Vijay Lakshmi! Dhana Lakshmi: Dhana is wealth. Wealth is not only monetary wealth. Education, Health and Family are wealth. The Sun and moon, fire and stars, rains and nature, oceans and mountains, rivers and streams, all these are our wealth, so are our children, our inner will power, our character and our virtues.

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Knowledge, used as wisdom is also wealth. Vidya Lakshmi: Vidya is education. Ashtalakshmi yoga will give the individual name, distinction, success, serene and delight in life. Referred to in the West as the Star of Lakshmi, this star figure is utilized as a part of Indian Philosophy to speak to the eight types of Wealth.

The local conceived under this yoga, appreciates the Eightfold Prosperity.

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Rahu and Jupiter ought to be capable, be that as it may, to present the full advantages of this yoga in astrology. Sri Ramachandra has delighted in every one of the advantages of this yoga.

राहु भी देते हैं अपार धन-सम्पति जानिए क्या है अष्टलक्ष्मी योग-

Again, the general principle Grahanam Amsakam Balaam — meaning, the integral strength of planets in the Navamsa is highlighted in Neechabhanga Raja Yoga where a planet in debility in Rasi chart shall have gained the status of exaltation in Navamsa. That is the general lay of Yoga delineation. But, there are other Yogas which do not stem from such general principles.

What is Ashta Lakshmi Yoga in astrology?

For instance, Ravi Yoga which is formed when the Sun is placed in the 10th and the 10th lord is placed in association with Saturn in the 3rd. Here, a relationship between the two enemies and the 10th and the 3rd houses gets the status of a Yoga. Rahu and Ketu do not normally figure among benefic combinations and permutations. Nevertheless, an Ashtalakshmi Yoga is caused when Rahu is in the 6th and Jupiter in a quadrant which endows the native with a many-splendoured life.

Budh Aditya Yoga is said to be formed when Jupiter is in the Ascendant with directional strength , the Moon is in a quadrant forming Gajakesari Yoga , and additionally, Rahu is in the 2nd and the Sun and Mars in the 3rd from Rahu. Dr R V Raman has rendered a great service to students of astrology by collecting and collating three hundred such Yogas including Arishtas with his own commentary and guidance for proper assessment of their strength or weakness in the title Three Hundred Important Combinations.

Dr Raman gives simple guidelines for the assessment of the strength or weakness of Yogas and also for their facile interpretation. Following these guidelines will enable a prognosticator to be scientific. But there is more to astrology than its scientific aspect. Astrology is a harmonious blend of science and art.

In its artistic aspect, the astrologer applies a great deal of his common-sense; he rises above the evidence of his limited senses.

Ashta Lakshmi Yoga. - Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) -

When a planet other than the Sun and the Nodes is present in the 2nd house from the natal Moon, Sunapha Yoga is formed and the results given are Self-earned property, king,! When a similar planet is in the 12th from the natal Moon, Anapha Yoga arises and this gives rise to Well-formed organs, majestic appearance, good reputation, polite, generous, self-respect ing , fond of dress and sense pleasures.

In later life, renunciation and austerity. When there are such planets on both flanks of the Moon, Durdhura Yoga is given rise to resulting in the native being bountiful, blessed with great wealth and conveyances. When both houses are untenanted by such planets the native is subject to Kemadruma Yoga which renders him dirty, sorrowful, doing unrighteous deeds, poor, dependent, a rogue and a swindler. For the last mentioned Arishta there are mitigating or nullifying factors. One of these Yogas is necessarily present in every nativity.

You may then divide humanity into these four categories. One can then see the futility of taking the results for literal application to nativities. The principle evidently is that every house and planet gets fortified when there are planets in flanking houses with which planets the planet so flanked establishes temporary friendship as well.